Pretty Camryn

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Camryn is learning so much lately, which is geting so cool to teach her things...   Somehow the past couple of days, we taught her when we say "Pretty", she plays with her hair....  lol   so cute...  We made a quick video of it.

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Breanne and Andrew had their baby!

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Breanne (Shanna's sister) and Andrew welcomed a baby boy on Friday, June 4th!    Bryson weighed in at 2 pounds, 7 ounces.   It has been a long difficult pregnancy for the both of them, but both mom and dad and little Bryson are doing very well.   Shanna built a website to keep family and friends updated over the past few weeks, and she updates the site frequently throughout the day.   Check ...Open Post to Continue Reading

Camryn learning to walk!!!!

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OMG, we can't believe our little girl is learning to walk.   This is the part where I am scared.   I am going to Home Depot and buying an unbelievable amount of foam for every possible corner...  Within the next few weeks, she will be booting across the floor running.    Watch the video, she is so unbalanced, but doing so well the past few days.  She has learned a few words, trying to get it on video, she ...Open Post to Continue Reading

Camryn Dancing

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Here is Camryn dancing to her favorite song "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.   She gets so excited whenever this song starts...  lol..  Don't worry, she also likes Jimi Hendrix, and I will slowly influence some ROCK on her, but right now, anything with a good beat, gets her really going.   She will be a rockstar.   :)

Our new pet!

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OK.... just joking.    We had this little dude come for a visit early morning before work...  I guess leaving rice crispys in Camryn's sandbox was a bad idea.   He is soo cute...!

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