NIN - With Teeth Review

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Image:NIN - With Teeth Review Nine Inch Nails [With_Teeth]

A review by tranceman and haatcack

We jammed to this DVD-A. discrete 5.1 surround disc, which includes an array of rotating imagery, and “The Hand That Feeds" video. With_Teeth brings in all the elements from all the previous CDs to combine a great new sound, with retaining the classic NIN sound.

4 out of 5






All The Love In The World

A hypnotic opening song, melodic trance like sound, great drum beat NIN style. “Why do you get all the love in the world!!” whoohoo

You Know What You Are??

Strong opening, high energy, from the beginning to the end. Consumed with great tempo changes, along with strong, powerful lyrics and vocals. Great song.

The Collector

Beat driven song, with a chorus you can't help but sing along to... with a more rock then electronic influence

The Hand That Feeds

The first single from this CD, more of a rock influence with a catchy guitar riff and beat, a great sounding song. Gets your head bobbin'. Sounds great in true 5.1 surround :)

Love is Not Enough

Industrial sound with hypnotic vocals. Not as hard as most songs on this CD, however the trance beat pulls you in.

Every Day Is Exactly The Same

The opening distorted piano sound is much like something from Downward Spiral, a strong industrial rock ballad, unlike most NIN songs, the lyrics are non repetitive. Cool classic NIN sound.


Some great quiet piano parts, progressing noise, and with a deep bass drum line, with excellent surround effects.


Punchy bass 80's electronic like style, has a very cool chorus. Overall a very cool song.

Getting Smaller

Fast up beat, bouncy sound, hard guitars. Good sound, cool song.


Great melodic bass line that draws you in, reminds me of something from Fragile. One of my favorites on this CD.

The Line Begins to Blur

With the melody of “The Hand that Feeds” slowed down with a little “The Day the World Went Away”, a very likable song. The song builds as slowly but as amazingly as an orgasm after an hour long sex session.

Beside You in Time

Eclectic beginning, has repetitive hypnotizing like qualities. The drum beat sounds a lot like “Space Farm” from Primus.

Right Where it Belongs

Vocals are very mono, flat, 50's like style, distorted pianos, half way through, the song changes to a rich, live concert stereo sound with deep bass much like "Hurt", very peaceful song.





























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