Mommy out of town...

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Here's a couple videos for mommy to watch away from home.   Unfortunately, Camryn was really distracted with the music video and camcorder for Rock Anthem... but make sure you see the end of Rock Anthem.....it is cute!

Message to mommy...

Camryn and Daddy do Rock Anthem

Camryn On Sugar

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We decided to give Camryn a left-over cupcake right after breakfast the morning after her birthday party....She was on a suger high for over an hour. Here is just a sample of her CRAZYNESS. Enjoy the dancing, jumping and, singing and randomness. I would just like to point out that she is singing all of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and most of the ABC's. She is quite the little performer! She will be famous one day...count on that!


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On May 20th, 2011, Camryn has turned 2 years old already.   Time has been flying.   We had a birthday party for her on May 21st in our backyard.   Camryn was a princess for a day, check her dress and tiara out.  She is sooo obsessed with Dora the Explorer, we hired Dora to come to the party and play with Camryn.  She was SOOO excited.    Poor Dora, it was a sunny day in the high 20's, Dora almost died of heat exhaustion! 

We created a video from the highlights from the party and will post some pictures soon too.   Make sure you let it buffer (pause and let the bar fill), at 3mins of the video when Dora comes to the party... priceless...

Camryn - Dancing

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A little video of Camryn playing the WII, dancing, and just being cute....  at 50 seconds of the video, it just makes me laugh everytime I see it.  Excuse the messy room...


Merry Christmas

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Shanna created some hilarious videos on jibjab in our holiday spirit!    Merry Christmas everyone, we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and are able to spend the time with their families, relax, and get really cool gifts!

A little video of us having a snowball fight with Santa....


Then it was time for mommy and daddy to head to the disco!

Pretty Camryn

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Camryn is learning so much lately, which is geting so cool to teach her things...   Somehow the past couple of days, we taught her when we say "Pretty", she plays with her hair....  lol   so cute...  We made a quick video of it.

Camryn learning to walk!!!!

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OMG, we can't believe our little girl is learning to walk.   This is the part where I am scared.   I am going to Home Depot and buying an unbelievable amount of foam for every possible corner...  Within the next few weeks, she will be booting across the floor running.    Watch the video, she is so unbalanced, but doing so well the past few days.  She has learned a few words, trying to get it on video, she knows mama, dada, banana, rowrow (for Cheerios), and unfortunately she has now learned "NO!"....  

Camryn Dancing

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Here is Camryn dancing to her favorite song "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.   She gets so excited whenever this song starts...  lol..  Don't worry, she also likes Jimi Hendrix, and I will slowly influence some ROCK on her, but right now, anything with a good beat, gets her really going.   She will be a rockstar.   :)

Happy Birthday Camryn!

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Camryn turned 1 years old on May 20th, 2010.    Hard to beleive a year has already passed.   She had a cupcake on her birthday, and on May 23rd we had the family over for her birthday party.  We had a BBQ, the weather was perfect, and her big day turned out very well.   She was covered in birthday cake by the end of the evening!   We have a video of the party and we have posted pictures in our photo gallery here.

Have a great May "24" weekend!

Updated Camryn Pictures

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Added some more pictures of Camryn...  9-10 months.   
She's growing quick.    She can now get around the room on her own almost...  lol   She just started to crawl..  well kinda.   We will try to capture it on video.   She definietly does not have the finesse yet....

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