Our new pet!

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OK.... just joking.    We had this little dude come for a visit early morning before work...  I guess leaving rice crispys in Camryn's sandbox was a bad idea.   He is soo cute...!


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Let's welcome Oliver to our family!   Oliver is from the Ottawa Humane Society.    He is approximately 9 weeks old, born May 31st, 2008.    He is quite a feisty little guy, attacking anything that moves.  But when he crashes, he is super cuddle monster.

Here are some more photos we have uploaded.    (
Oliver Photos )

We should have a little home movie upload shortly to capture his craziness.


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Goker (derived from the French term gross queue meaning big tail) is an overweight 8 year old super affectionate scruffy sweetheart.   I got him at the Humaine Society when he was 6 months old, he had ear mites, running eyes, upper respertory infection and extremely skinny with the huge tail.   I was surprised he was even being shown at the Humaine Society.   The vet wondered why I would pick this screwed up cat, but when I saw him in the cage not well, and asked to hold him and he just melted in my arms making my heart melt with him, I had to have him.  After some ear and eye drops and some medication, he was eatting up a storm and hasn't stopped since.  hehe  He comes when called, and once you pet him, you have a friend for life.   Actually, he is a little too affectionate.   Being 15lbs, he likes to sit on your lap and stomach which is not very comfortable most times. He loves just to sit on the couch with you and throw him under a blanket and he is a happy cat, basically, he just likes being around in the same room and sleeps with me every night. 

More photos can be found here


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Bakardi (aka BK) is a seal-point Himalayan, born February 2, 1995.   He totally fulfills the Himalayan characteristics, he is the most laid back cat you could expect.  Not the brightest star in the sky, he's the cat you will see fall off tables, run into things, etc.   Quite entertaining.   My favorite story is when I was moving furniture in my living room and removed the glass top off my coffee table.  BK loves this table and he wanted to jump on the table, but it had no glass, so he fell through landing on the ground all confused.   So, I pick him up and move him away from the table.  He continues to try to jump on this non-existent table, but not twice but a few more times until I had to flip the table on it's side.   His fur is super soft and loves all the attention you can give him.   One thing he does know, is if you call his name, he will come from where ever he is in the house.  Too bad he used all his brain power on his name, but regardless, he is my favorite cat.

More Bakardi photos


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Tyson is a 7 year old ragdoll mix.   He is scared of everything that moves. I have no clue why his ultra paranoia.  The only tramatic experience was trying to get him into a cat crate to go to the vet to get him fixed.  I had to chase him around, finally resorting to a laundry basket, grabbing him as he flew by, throwing him into the basket and closing the lid, but was a freak even back then, hence the laundry basket.  He's named after Mike Tyson because they are so opposites, white cat scared of everything, huge black dude, scared of nothing.    Tyson aka T-BONE loves attention and being talked to.   If you ever have talked to me on the phone, this is the cat in the background meowing.   He thinks I am talking to him, so he talks back, but that gets really old.   Some friends have been over multiple times and never knew about this guy, he doesn't like unfamiliar voices, takes off hiding in a closet until the coast is clear.  lol.   His eyes are really light blue, almost spookie looking.   What a freak, but he's my freak.

Click here to see Tyson's 25 second video

Click here to see more pictures of Tyson



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Kelsey was born January 22nd, 1999.   Same birthday as me, part of the reason I got her.   She is a lab and border collie mix.   She impresses me all the time with her intelligence, but then right after she will be a complete dumb ass.   I actually was calling her "dumb ass" a little too much, and she started to respond to it, so I had to stop.    She is definitely a people dog, loves everything and everyone,  wouldn't hurt a fly.   She loves laying on the couch with me and watching movies, we each have our spots.     She doesn't bark (unless I forget her in the backyard...ops, hehe), she actually talks.  I will be uploading a movie of her talking once I capture it.  For now, I have a little video of her getting a toy.

Click here to see video

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