Trailer - Rick Rocks Canada

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Rick Rocks Canada 2008 - Coming soon to DVD

Bachelor Party #1

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So my freinds could not all be available on the same weekend, so I ended up going to my first bachelor party with friends from work.   First I get sat down, and a full size 10lbs bowling ball strapped to my leg, and a propeller hat to wear...  actually they had green spray paint ready to go, but the can was empty (whoohoo).   At least when we went go-carting, they let me take the bowling ball off my leg.   That was so fun, expensive, but a lot of fun. (Top-Karting).   Dinner at a sports bar, so full, it took an hour to get a table.   I was so embarrased, at least the guys could of thought to put a sign on me saying Groom or something, but no, looked like an idiot in a sports bar, carrying a bowling ball strapped to my leg and a propeller hat.   It was a great time, I survived without too much embarrassment.

Image:Bachelor Party #1  Image:Bachelor Party #1   Image:Bachelor Party #1   Image:Bachelor Party #1  

Image:Bachelor Party #1   Image:Bachelor Party #1   Image:Bachelor Party #1   Image:Bachelor Party #1

Nitro R/C

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Cool update.  We have took our model hobby to a whole new level.   Nitro fueled R/C car kits.   The are sooo  fast, and fun to build.   We had a great time building and now running the trucks to see what they can do.   Took lots of pictures and a couple videos booting down the street.   More video to come now that we have enough batteries for all the remotes and camera.  ( :     Construction sites here we come.   See out nitros


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Got a live webcam up this weekend, now I can spy on my dog while at work lol

Server Upgraded

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Server was down Friday night until yesterday night.   The server was backuped, and  upgraded.   A friend and I reinstalled the OS (Linux all the way baby) and upgraded Domino.   The server is now running RAID with a huge data drive now.   The forums did not like the upgrade very much, but I plan to have that resolved sometime today.  The ftp is back online as well.   Mail files will be restored today as well.  If you noticed any problems, please contact me

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year Everyone!   Let's hope this year is better  : )   Well, so far, been pretty cool.   A good friend of mine bought us Slipknot tickets for x-mas.   I didn't think I was going to get to go, hard getting to Montreal without a car : (   But, yay. we went.    Had a great time seeing them again (saw them in Ottawa in August 2004).  We got some pictures and I have posted them on my concert review page.  Check it out here.   I also upgraded my video card recently, I added a couple of pictures of my new ATI Radeon 9600XT AIW on my PC page.  Looks quite the pimped out compared to my old GeForce2MX, hehe


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I had a suggestion that the links were too dark and in my animal farm page, the links don't work.   I have changed the link colour, let me know if this is better.   On the animal page, that is still under construction.   The only links that work are Tyson and Kelsey, I still have to do the other pages.    So it's the holiday season...bah-humbug.   X-mas has turned into a commerical, materialistic stupid holiday.   Sorry, just my opinion, I still hope everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday season and enjoys it to it's fullest.    I hope to do site updates a little more frequently.


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I saw "The Grudge" last night (most of it.... fell asleep at the end).   That was freakier then Dawn of the Dead.   Some really creepy parts.  Still have to finish "The Punisher" tonight too.   Yeah, my friends didn't warn me about the Punisher, the dude with the piercings.... ahhh just thinking of it, that ranks up there with the "Bite the curb" scene in American History X.   Anyway, did a few little updates to my animal farm pages.  Included a few little videos to test how my bandwidth is capable of streaming video, and how other browsers react to the video stream, also included a link to download the video, just choose "Open". that works too.    Time to play some San Andreas again..  I am 11.38% complete and I have been playing awhile, long game, but I am addicted.   Gotta try to pass this gang fight tonight, too many cool games were released all within 2 months, too many games to play, I am set for winter already (oh, added a couple pictures of our recent snow storms here too)  later.....

Couple PC upgrades

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 Last night I decide to finally watch Dawn of the Dead (2004 version), I turn the lights out, turn the surround sound up, get the dog, ready to freak myself out (a little massicast coming out).    That movie was not scary.   People told me it was super freaky, except a 14 year old said it only was in the beginning.  Well, the 14 year old was right, there were only a couple of jumpy parts in the beginning.  More of an action flick.   The DVD intro screen made me get chills, damn zombies flashing on the screen.    This weekend, I did a few little upgrades to my PC.   I bought a new Enermax dual fan PSU to quiet things down, plus this one has full fan control, internal sensors, blah, blah.   This thing weights at least 3 - 4 times my old one that came with my case.   If quality is measured in weight, this is good.   Enermax specializes in PSUs for overclockers, they are powerful and can take a beating.   Plus more connectors then you'll ever need.   Check them out here.  And I bought a new side fan with fan control, so I can slow it down.   My goal is to make my PC seen, but not heard.    Plus I am adding in more mirrors and fixing the ones that were removed to compensate for the new Coolermaster LCD fan controller/temperature sensor system I put in.   The pics are updated on my PC mod page.  I have updates coming, a few things in progress.   Time for house chores, if I don't go now, I will stay on the computer all day.  lol  later.

Friday the 13th

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Last night was very interesting...OK picture this.   It's 2:30am, I am watching Friday the 13th, part 4, not scary but wait,  the power goes out just as the movie is going "Jay Jay Jay, ha ha".  Here I am in the pitch black in my basement.  Damn cats making noise upstairs.  I could hear a pin drop (minus the ear ringing from the Ministry concert).   My batteries are dead in my flashlight, I have one candle going.   Talk about getting freaked out.   Anyway, that added a new dimension to Friday the 13th.    I did some work on the movie database for those who use it.   I added in a butt-load of new views, fixed the new tab problem opening views (no more new tabs on each view), fixed the "new releases" view, I removed the SSL protocol from the server, so no more accepting certificates when accessing this webpage, or the movies.   Still one problem I am working on is the new views open in the wrong frame via web browser, even though the properties are set correctly.   Plus, I get different results when designing in R6 vs R7.  Gotta love Lotus.  hehe.   I will be updating more to this site today, I have more ideas...  lol    Later.