Nickelback with opening bands Sick Puppies, Shinedown, and Breaking Benjamin played the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa on April 11, 2010.   With over 17000 people, the Scotiabank staff were unusually disorganized....  We arrived at 6:10PM (show started at 6:30pm), and there was still a lineup going around the front and to the side of the venue.   We did not actually get to our seats until almost 7:30pm, so we missed Sick Puppies and Shinedown completely (well we heard Shinedown's "Second Chance" as we walked in).  During the show, we did hear our Prime Minister, Steven Harper was in attendance with his son just behind us in a box, but did not find out definitely until after why it took so long to get into the show.  There was extra security, etc... so thank you Mr Harper for making us miss the first 2 bands... but very cool you got a box and took your son to the show!!  lol Our PM went to see Nickelback  lol.  

Breaking Benjamin were on top of their game.   Their sound was great (voice was a little low) and they put on a great concert.   They played  mostly their newer songs which I am not familiar with, but at least they played my personal favorite song "So Cold"

Nickelback came on the stage with a big bang (literally).   Flash pods, and pyrotechnics.   They had huge screens behind them playing random imagery, and would switch to live cameras throughout the show.   Nickelback played some parts of cover tunes like Guns n Roses - Patience, Metallica - Nothing Else Matters, Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places (really good actually), and played a little bit of Bon Jovi - Dead or Alive, Super Mario dungeon theme, Young Mc - Bust a Move, and Pantera's - Walk (while introducing their Pyro guy who has worked on live shows for Pantera and Ozzy).

Nickelback really gets the crowd involved, and Chad was very personal talking to the crowd of stories, and getting us going...  They brought out these super bazooka guns that shot these nerf things (I think that is what they were), launching all the way to the back of the venue second level.  Pretty impressive toy!  Beers launched from the stage too..  lol   Halfway through their set, they walked out to this catwalk where a drum kit flipped out from the stage and they played a few chill tunes there... later Daniel Adair put on an impressive drum solo with extreme double kick playing, actually not the normal standard double kick, but double.single.double.single.   Really impressive... (I am sure his legs get sore after that solo).

The show was very cool to watch, and I would see them again, just need to lose some of the cheezy things, like when they go "When I say Nickel you say Back... Nickel ... Back...Nickel... Back...."  So cheezy I wonder if they are making fun of themselves or not, regardless, it was a good show to see.... 

Click here to see pictures we took at the show

Here are the setlists for Breaking Benjamin (I know it is Toronto, but same in Ottawa) and Nickelback


Breaking Benjamin Setlist Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada 2010, Dark Horse Tour

Nickelback Setlist Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, ON, Canada 2010, Dark Horse Tour
Check out the show on YouTube

Here is the opening song at ScotiaBank





Metallica logo

Metallica with opening acts Lamb of God and Volbeat played Ottawa at Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, Ontario on November 3rd, 2009.   This show was re-scheduled due to a scheduling conflict from October 29th, which was cool only being a few days later, instead of putting us at the end of their tour....   This show was a record attendance for Scotiabank Place at over 19,100.    The stage was in the middle, so all the seats could be filled, plus the floor.

A friend and I went to meet some friends from work at a place called Wild Wings in Kanata, Ontario.   Obviously, they specialize in wings.   Being my first time, and running late, I was in information overload looking at the menu.   So, I just got 1lbs of hot wings with sour creme.   I strongly suggest checking the menu before going to see what they have, or if you have the time, have a couple cold beers absorbing their huge selection.

So, after the wings, we got to Scotiabank and made our way inside to get our presale tickets.   Surprisingly, no pat searches or anything,  they just scanned our tickets and we went in to get a couple beers.

We got there late and only saw the last 4 songs from Lamb of God, and missed Volbeat completely, which was a disappointment,   I wanted to check out the first band, and Lamb of God.   At least I saw Lamb of God play Redneck and Laid to Rest (my favorite songs from Lamb of God).

At Metallica's request, alcohol was stopped at 9pm and no lids were given on any drinks... strange! Even the guy getting our beer had never seen that in any show before...  no biggie, just have to suck back some beer before getting back to our seats so we don't spill it on people..  hahaha.

Just after 9pm, the smoke machines started, the lights went dim, and the intro started...  lasers started going to the intro, then BAM!, concert lights go on and Metallica are on the stage playing "That was just your life."    The sound was just awesome, the show was well planned out, and Metallica definitely gave us our money's worth.  The stage was a long octogon shape in the middle of the floor, so everyone got a good seat to watch the show.   There were 8 microphones around the stage, so we all got a good view as the band circled around the stage during their set.  They had 4 huge silver coffins like on the Death Magnet cd cover that would come down and move around with the stage lights making them change colours...  a very cool effect.   Lars interacted with the crowd whenever he could get away from his drum set.   The show was divided into 4 sections, and during each section, they would spin Lars's drumset 90 degrees, so we all could see him from all angles.   Kirk played 2 guitar solos and Rob played one very quick bass solo, but Lars did not play a solo.   James was very interactive with the crowd, showing his appreciation of all of us in the Metallica family.   He asked how many of us were at our first Metallica show, which surprisingly was about half the crowd.

It was a cool setlist, playing many old favorites and some great new songs. They even played Motorbreath from Kill 'em All, and Last Caress from Garage Days (as James said, playing tribute to their influences everynight, and ours was their Misfits cover).   The last 2 songs were played with all the lights on in the Arena so James could see all of us.   They had these huge black beach balls with the Metallica logo fall from the ceiling, bouncing all over the place, and Metallica kicking them into the crowd.   I had never seen that before, and one bounced j ust next to me, too far for me to grab to bring home :)

At the end of the show, everyone there got a card for a free MP3 download.   I thought it was for 1 song from the show, so we would buy the rest..  But no, it was for the whole show.   Metallica has had no issues with people recording their own bootlegs of these live shows, but now they do high quality recordings for us for download of every show they do, so we can enjoy the show.  It is so cool you can have a keepsake and always listen to the concert you were actually at and bring back some of the memories.   

The last show I saw was Marilyn Manson, and I have been a huge fan of Manson since 1994, and the best concert in my life was Manson in Ottawa for the Antichrist Superstar in 1997 (a few have come close, NIN, Trans Siberian, and this show).   After seeing Metallica, the time and effort they put into the tour and live setup... There is no comparsion.   Metallica showed after almost 30 years, they can still put on an amazing show!   James promised they will be back to Ottawa within 2 years, we'll see if they hold their promise....

Set List
That Was Just Your Life      
The End of the Line     
Creeping Death
Fade to Black     
Broken, Beat & Scarred
Sad But True
All Nightmare Long     
Kirk Solo #1
The Day That Never Comes     
Master Of Puppets     
Kirk Solo #2
Nothing Else Matters     
Enter Sandman     
Encore Jam
Last Caress     
Seek and Destroy

Metallica Free MP3 Download card

Metallica Ticket

Here are a couple videos we took at the show

Master of Puppets

Enter Sandman

Seek and Destroy

Here is a link to more videos submitted from other people on YouTube

Couple of Newspaper reviews from tonight's show:

Image:Nine Inch Nails - Ottawa 2008

Image:Nine Inch Nails - Ottawa 2008

Nine Inch Nails played Scotiabank Place, here in Ottawa on November 11th, 2008 with opening band Boris.   Two years ago, they were supposed to play here, but got cancelled that afternoon because Trent was sick, and they never rescheduled.   Anyway, after eating some yummy dinner at our friend's Aaron, and playing some Rockband2, we headed down to the show.   We weren't in a big rush to get to the show, as the opening band Boris, I was not impressed with what I heard on youtube.   After passing security, we can hear Boris playing, it sounded quite noizy.   Ok, like love NIN, and they can be very noizy, but theirs is intelligent noise, Boris is just noise.   Anyway, we head looking for beers.    So, as it turns out, Scotiabank's liquor license was suspended for the night because one idiot made it outside in the smoking area with an alcoholic beverage.   First, this really sucks, second, as if one person can cause the Scotiabank Place to stop serving the whole night.   Head to our seats (which were amazing), and heard the last few songs from Boris.   Some of it was kinda cool, but not in to them in general.   Surprisingly, there was no one in the 200 level, only 100 level was sold.    The turn out was not very good (I heard in another review, New Jersey was the same).   It is a week night, but also a holiday, but still that was wierd.  

YAY, NIN (Frontman Trent Reznor, guitarist Robin Finck, keyboardist Alessandro Cortini, drummer Josh Freese (who is leaving the band after this tour) and bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen hit the stage starting with 999,999, 1000000, and Letting You from their new CD Slip (great CD), then into March of Pigs, a great classic.     The set list was amazing, they played many of their new, old and in between.   Even some instrumental stuff from the new Ghost CDs released earlier this year.   They played about 30 songs over 2 hours, basically non stop.  I have seen NIN 3 times now, and this was one of the best shows with the sound, set list, and the coolest visuals.   There were screens high up, above them, mid height, and behind them, plus a wall of pod lights.    These see through screens and pod light wall would go up and down through the show, displaying awesome cascading visuals that went with the music.   These massive screens were not the typical projected screens that are normally at a Nine Inch Nails show, but actual wall of millions of computer controlled LEDs, so no shadows, or other lighting changing the effect, instead these very bright visuals.  As things were shown on the front screen lowered, they were busy changing the stage in the background.   It was so seemless.    All of a sudden when they started into some Ghosts songs, they had re-arranged the stage and had a huge xylophone, tall tube chimes, upright bass, and a drum kit setup way up on the stage with these screens in front and behind them.  While they played these mellow instrumental songs, the lighting effects were so well done, finishing off the Ghost's section of the set list, into Piggy with the upright bass.     After a quick interlude (of course using the cool effects on the screens), a roadie came out and started "whipping" the screen clear to see the background, and NIN started Wish.  

Trent hardly spoke to the audience, only during the encore, he thanked us for coming to the show, and mentioned they have elected a new President in the States who is actually showing some intelligence.    The first song of the encore, Fresse came out alone on the stage and started touching the screen showing this massive wall of drum sequencing squares which would highlight as he touched them, adding a new sound to the overall beat.   After many loops, he had the electronic beat for Echoplex done, he went to the drum kit to finish the song with the rest of the band.   Then as the song was winding down, he came back out and slowly removed parts of the beat seamlessly until there was no beat.   Another example of the interaction with the visuals, was a simulated rain storm, you could not see anything behind this screen at the front of the stage, and whenever Trent came close to the screen, that part of the rain fall would go clear so you could see Trent.   We captured many pictures at the show, so you can see some of the amazing effects I am mentioning.    

Overall, it was a really awesome concert, well worth the money.   The sound was amazing, the visuals and lighting were well done, the setlist I have no complaints (ok one little one, they did not play Burn, which is one of my favorite songs, but at least they played that in Montreal last year), and Nine Inch Nails played for a solid 2 hours.  

Here is the setlist, I maybe wrong on a couple of the songs, but is should be pretty accurate.

letting you
march of the pigs
head down
the frail
gave up
the warning
5 ghosts I
17 ghosts II
19 ghosts III
terrible lie
the big come down
31 ghosts IV
the hand that feeds
head like a hole

god given
the good soldier
in this twilight

Here are some of the pictures we took of the show  (NIN Photos)

A video explaining how the special effect screens worked

The Youtube NIN channel showing many other videos from NIN