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Over the Christmas holidays we lost one of our family members.    Groker passed away on December 21st, 2009.     He was losing weight fast, and was pooping blood.   We brought him to the vet, and all his tests were coming back fine.   After doing xrays, they found a large mass on his liver which was suspected to be cancer.    There was nothing we could do but give him medication to make him feel better until he died, so we decided that was not what poor Groker deserved, so we decided to put him down to stop his suffering.   It was a very hard descision to make.   The medication would have given him more time, but in reality he was dying and nothing could be done but prolong his death.    We didn't want to make him "comfortable" and prolong this for selfish reasons.   He was not our Grokie anymore... lifeless, and going through suffering.   Shanna, Camryn and myself went to the vet and sat in this room with Groker for a little while, saying our goodbyes and cuddling him so much knowing it would be our last time.   The doctor came in and gave him his injection while I held him in my arms.   He fell right asleep in a very peaceful way with me.   I couldn't help to kiss, hug and apologize to him for how this turned out after he pasted.   He is in a good place now, and I am sorry he had to go......

We will miss you Groker so much and you will always be in our thoughts.    We love you!

RIP    1996 - 2009

Groker's page

Oliver Video

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Here's a little video of our kitten Oliver...