Goker (derived from the French term gross queue meaning big tail) is an overweight 8 year old super affectionate scruffy sweetheart.   I got him at the Humaine Society when he was 6 months old, he had ear mites, running eyes, upper respertory infection and extremely skinny with the huge tail.   I was surprised he was even being shown at the Humaine Society.   The vet wondered why I would pick this screwed up cat, but when I saw him in the cage not well, and asked to hold him and he just melted in my arms making my heart melt with him, I had to have him.  After some ear and eye drops and some medication, he was eatting up a storm and hasn't stopped since.  hehe  He comes when called, and once you pet him, you have a friend for life.   Actually, he is a little too affectionate.   Being 15lbs, he likes to sit on your lap and stomach which is not very comfortable most times. He loves just to sit on the couch with you and throw him under a blanket and he is a happy cat, basically, he just likes being around in the same room and sleeps with me every night. 

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Jeff Livesey March 23 2005 23:24:48